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We know that at least part of how you evaluate our service is being able to resolve minor problems yourself and having the resources to troubleshoot, so that our time is primarily aimed at moving you ahead.  Here are some resources to help!

1.  Send a text message Now ( Just click)
This sends a brief text message using your E-mail software. 
For best results, use the subject line and up to 150 characters for both subject and message

2.  Call us at 916-801-3707 This is a Google Voice line that will ring several phones and if we're not available it will immediately transcribe and send your voice message to us as both a text and and E-mail message.

3.  Let us connect to your PC Now ( Just click)

bulletYou will arrive at the 'Welcome to Splashtop Business' web-page.
bulletCheck the box  near "I am sure I want to allow remote access
to my computer
bulletClick on the button [Download for Windows]
bulletClick on the button [Allow Access]
bulletIf we're not communicating at this point, please contact us to validate the new PC

Splashtop is software that 2SS.Com subscribes to and that can ONLY be used between us and our clients to remotely access your PCs.  It ONLY works when a connection is first authorized by you as above. 

In addition to Splashtop we also sometimes use software including www.Join.Me, Microsoft's 'Remote Desktop', and Windows 10 'Quick Assist'.  If using Join.Me please:

bulletClick on this www.Join.Me link
bulletBegin by clicking on the 'Log-in' option at top-right on the screen.
bulletComplete the 'Log-in' with username = [email protected] and we'll give you the password
bulletUnder the word 'Start' make sure it's set to '' and then click on the orange circle with arrow icon
bulletNote that a small program will download
bulletClick [Open] or [Run] to allow the program to install

4.  'Maintenance Regiment' Now ( Just click)
Click the above link to get a PDF copy of this step-by-step brochure.

5.  Chat to Get Help Now ( Just click)
If we're online... you can click above and begin to initiate an online chat session.

6.  Support Links and Phone Nos. for Popular software titles
This is a word document with active links.  It includes all the software that we typically install and support on  client PCs.  (If desired click here for a PDF version with links that can be read but NOT clicked on.)

7.  StdInstall by 2SS.Com
Featuring standard PC installation features and including the latest recommended software, etc. (Also see: our website StdInstall.Com).

8.  Dell PC support & HP Support
For servers, desktops and notebooks.        For printers, scanners, etc.

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