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Your Investment in hardware and software is driven by a plan
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Acquiring network servers, PC hardware and software
Using Dell Computers as our preferred vendor we acquire PCs, Servers, Notebooks, etc. for our clients often obtaining discounts and special pricing as a Dell Registered Partner reseller that are not available to them alone.  We also make acquisitions through major resellers such as Tech Data® and Bell Micro, and we have a well established reputation (user name 2ITGuy or About Me) on eBay® in addition to PayPal Verified status.  In every case our first interest in obtaining reliable and cost-effective systems, peripherals, software, etc. that works.   2SS.Com is proud to be certified with leading IT vendors that include APC (Authorized Reliability Provider), Comcast (Authorized Connector), Dell (Registered Partner), HP Partner (10224086) Intuit (Pro Advisor), Microsoft (Small Business Specialist & Registered Partner No. 1129909), Mozy online backup, Mushroom Networks, OnTrack (3188264), Sonicwall (1-167446561) and Symantec (PartnerNet) to name a few. Official PayPal Seal .


Performing network and PC tune-up, maintenance and repair 
Getting lots of life out of old computers is something of a specialty at 2SS.Com.  We're aided by years of experience, and extensive company library of software dating from Windows
3.1 and a substantial pro-bono experience at salvaging old computers for re-use.  2SS.Com maintains what we call a 'Standard Install (*)' for every version of windows from Windows 95 forward.

(*) A 2SS.Com Standard install includes the operating system, relevant version of office, various other software (WinFax, ACT, Quicken®, Acrobat®,  PDF reDirect, Symantec SystemWorks, etc.) as well as 20 to 50 customizations carefully selected and assembled to optimize our client's use the PC it's implemented on.

As a cost-effective maintenance strategy for selected clients, we occasionally use disk imaging technology to maintain on our server or theirs,  'standard install' images of complete installations.  We also routinely make available the 'Ninite' installation and update tool to help individuals and network computers to keep a variety of standard software up to date.

Working to acquire and implement services with 3rd parties and partner-firms (cabling)
At 2SS.Com we always work to deliver complete solutions.  One important way deliver end-to-end results is routinely managing the acquisition and installation of Internet connection services.  We are experienced with specifying, acquiring, configuring, installing and troubleshooting hubs, switches, routers, DSL, Cable and T1 modems and firewalls.


Volunteer Center of Sacramento
A longtime and now former pro-bono client we installed the first network server for the Volunteer Center and arranged for and installed their DSL connection.  That exercise proved successful, but not until working for several hours on three occasions with the local Internet provider who accidentally provided us the wrong TCP/IP numbers.  We finally figured out what had happened and fully implemented high-speed Internet and E-mail connectivity for the volunteer center for the first time in its history.

A local Financial Consultant
Our longtime client was faced with a unilateral decision by Comcast® to revise their multi-PC product offering,  replacing the existing service with the opportunity to rent a router and pay for installation services of several hundred dollars.  We acquired a used router via eBay® for under $30 and implemented a permanent low-cost solution for under $100 including installation services.



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