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We routinely order ‘green’ (e.g. power-saving) PCs and computing equipment for our clients, and we also dispose of older PCs, Servers, Notebooks, and related computer equipment for our clients, typically at NO CHARGE.  All disks are wiped  of any proprietary information or destroyed, after which usable items are prepared for donation.

2SS.Com is proud to be affiliated with local nonprofits specializing in re-distributing and re-cycling items of all types including computer-related hardware and software:  Specifically Ron Ellis has been a board member and volunteer with each of:


Love INC (e.g. Love In the Name of Christ) Sacramento (2005 to 2013)

bullet      The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center (1992 to 2019

The Adult Rehabilitation Center (ARC)
is the ‘other half’ of The Salvation Army that works to help addicted men get a new chance to re-direct their lives and become successful husbands, fathers, workers and community members.  The ARC combines their commitment to earn a ‘fresh start, with the collection, recycling and sale of items that are donated by households throughout our region.  The collection and recycling of those donations is part of a work-therapy program that has a long track-record of successes.


So, essentially people’s trash and leftovers are collected, recycled, and sold to generate the revenues that pay for the ARC’s six-to-twelve month residential work-therapy and faith-based programs.  Over 50 years of results just in Sacramento speak for themselves and the program is FREE to the men accepted into it, while receiving NO SUBSIDIES from any level of government. Unfortunately it was closed in Sacrament in 2019.

Love INC

(AKA Love In the Name of Christ) brings Christian churches together, across denominational lines, to help some of our community's most-in-need.

Love INC Sacramento is one of 148 affiliates nationwide. Our unique local vision is to see 52 Congregations with all the resources they need to serve Sacramento's most in need. To assist in achieving that vision Love INC Sacramento operates a Gift-In-Kind warehouse. Each year we process and distribute thousands of dollars in corporate and individually donated goods through Sacramento area churches, and ministry partners

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