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Authored by 2SS.Com (a.k.a. 2ITGuy or About Me) on eBay our 50+ step-by-step Guides on popular topics and typical PC problems (Some of our favorites are shows in Bold):


  1. Apple Mac or PC? That is the question (Opinion & Facts)
  2. BIG Screen LCD as PC Monitor?
  3. Drives - Hard, Flash, Optical, etc. What are they?
  4. Hubs, Switches, Routers - What's the difference?
  5. KVM Switches-The What, Why & How?
  6. Ready for a 64-bit PC?-The What, Why & How?
  7. Sonicwall firewall device - Can't register if used
  8. Supercomputers-The What, Why and How?
  9. Virtual PBXs - work anywhere with any phones


  1. 80+ Copies of SystemWorks 2006-2009 and still buying...
  2. Briefcase What, Why & How? - Sync files on two PCs
  3. Copying User Profiles in Win XP & 2000 Professional
  4. Cut, Copy and Paste - fast & easy
  5. 'Default' Windows printer-How to set. (w/printer hints)
  6. Defining Viruses, Spyware & Bots... The What, Why &How?
  7. E-mail Troubleshooting
  8. FREE, Effective and Nearly Automatic PC Protection
  9. Installing Software? Order is important...
  10. Managing E-mail and coping with SPAM
  11. Microsoft Word - Putting back the 'Calculate' command
  12. Microsoft Updates-Blocking & Removing What, Why and How
  13. MS Access Database Corruptions-The What, Why & How?
  14. 'NFR' or Not For Resale Software - The What, Why & How?
  15. Norton System Doctor, (w/SystemWorks) What, Why & How
  16. OE to Outlook-The What, Why, & How? (+Oversized files)
  17. Outlook (E-mail) Small-Network BackUp
  18. Outlook Archive Files-The What, Why & How?
  19. Outlook - Why Manage E-mail Using It?
  20. pc AnyWhere - implement on Win 2003 Server IIS Firewall
  21. pc AnyWhere 12 - Upgrading from an earlier version
  22. Peer-to-Peer Network & Server Set-up-The What, Why &How?
  23. PowerChute Software Installation
  24. Quicken - What, Why, & How? (with troubleshooting)
  25. Syncing Smart-phone E-mail+... The What?, Why and How?
  26. SystemWorks 2004 & 2006 - Illegitimate warning
  27. Too many Outlook messages?  What, Why and How to Manage
  28. Vista StartUp programs: Run them WITH OUT permission!
  29. Vista's User Account Control (UAC) - Calming it down...
  30. Win XP SP3-The What, Why & How? (w/Notes on IE 7/8)
  31. Windows 7 and Office 2007/2010 Your WAY!
  32. Windows 'Send To' command - The What, Why & How?
  33. Windows Small Business Server 3000 Installation Diary
  34. Windows XP - Renamed user and 'Access Denied'
  35. Windows XP End-of-sales 6-30-08

Other Computer and eBay-related:

  1. Choosing an OnLine BackUp Vendor
  2. Comparing entry-level Copy Machines?
  3. Computer BackUp for Small Bus.-The What, Why and How?
  4. Defragmentation-The What, Why, & How?
  5. eBay Buyers - A hint for getting organized
  6. Firewalls for Computers-The What, Why and How?
  7. Internet Connection Speeds - (w/Comparison Chart)
  8. Internet Phone Services-The Who, What, Why & How?
  9. Legacy Computer - What does it mean?
  10. Out of Disk Space?
  11. PC-based Faxing & using a PC Fax/Modem card?
  12. Privacy, and how to help insure your's!
  13. Writing Guides & Reputation Building (with links)

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