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Business Needs Assessment & Planning

Key Benefits

Your Investment in technology is driven by a plan
You have the final word in identifying and prioritizing your needs
You decide how much and how fast


Conducting strategic systems planning 
We have extensive experience in various technology planning methodologies and a track record of applying them to real businesses in our quotations, proposals and strategic planning reports and presentations. 

Developing business-oriented computing plans  We often are focused by client on needs they have identified and need a plan to implement such as a network installation or upgrade that has the minimum impact on day-to-day operations. 

Designing local and wide-area networlks
We are very familiar with peer-to-peer and Microsoft Server-based networks.  And have a track record of minimizing investments while obtaining desired network connectivity for file and printer sharing, network applications, centralized backup, E-mail and Internet access.


Calif. Assoc. for Health Services at Home

We developed a strategic systems plan that was presented to and authorized by the CAHSAH Board of Directors.  Subsequently four (4) projects were launched and brought to successful completion.  They included
1.     A complete upgrade of their 30+ user network, 
2.     Implementation of Internet, E-Mail and outbound fax capability at each workstation, 
3.     Acquisition and implementation of an updated accounting system, and
4.     Major Enhancements to an in-place membership management system.


For a Professional Services Firm

We worked over time to develop a project plan to upgrade and stabilize their small 6 user network and then began to enhance it with improved Internet connectivity, a firewall, nightly automated tape backup and finally an applications implementation effort that centralized key client and contact data for shared access from each network workstation.




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